Axe Throwing, Eh!

Axe Throwing, Eh!
Drop-in every Tuesday from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
$15.00/per person for 1 hour
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*Please Note: We have (2) fully functioning Axe Throwing targets.
Axe Throwing also is 18+ and liability waivers will need to be signed by each individual

Groups must have at least 4 people to book and rentals must be made at least 24 hours in advance

Upon your arrival for your booking, our trained staff will go over safety rules and show you proper Axe Throwing etiquette and technique until you feel comfortable. After warming up, we will get you started and explain game rules and regulations. If requested – a staff member can also keep score during your rental.

General Rules and Regulations

There are 3 matches that each include 5 rounds with 5 throws per round. Best 2 out of 3 till be named winner – However, 3rd round is played regardless.

In the case of the axe falling out of the board, regardless of when it does so, points are rendered invalid. The axe MUST have one full rotation before making contact with the board. Axes can only be thrown two hands overhead, one hand overhead, or one hand underhand. Do not cross the fault line. There must be a conscious pause before retrieving the axe out of the board. Proper etiquette for the 5th throw is that the person with the most points will throw first.

Scoring: Bullseye = 5 points, Red Rings = 3 points, Blue Ring = 1 point, Green circles = 7 points (Aka “Beaver Hole” – must be called and can only be called on the 5th and final round. Accidental “Beaver Hole” does not earn points. Beaver Hole can be taken back after it is called, but before the axe is thrown and only if it is announced to the opponent and score keeper.)


  • Axe throwing is 18+
  • Must wear close-toed shoes
  • Sheath must be put back on the axe blade when not in use
  • Axes are to be carried blade head down
  • Players must remain behind the throwing line during their throw, and until the axe has either stuck in the board or fallen still on the ground
  • The above rule applies for players in all lanes – players in all lanes must remain behind the throwing line until all axes in each lane have stuck or fallen still on the ground
  • Axes are to be removed from the board with one hand in an up/down motion